Filament and moisture - Friendly reminder

Friendly reminder that PLA is a moisture sensitive material. Leaving it out when not in use causes it to absorb moisture from the air and can ruin the material. Please return filaments back to the sealed bags when they are not in use


Good reminder. Most 3D printer materials are hygroscopic (absorb moisture) to some degree. PETG, TPU, PVA, Nylon etc. are all even worse than PLA in that respect. The water in the filament boils as it prints and causes all kinds of problems. PLA also gets super brittle and may break as it unspools.

The moisture can be removed though. I use this $40 food dehydrator at work to restore filament before use. It’s worth keeping on a wishlist for the space or maybe someone has one they could donate.

We do have a filament dryer, but the avg person won’t load a filament into it be fore using so we want to encourage proper maintenance

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Apologies, that was me, that multicolor spool was on there and I didn’t see a bag for it. I was printing something for the space. I will make sure to return spools after printing.