Fastcap 2-second improvements video

It’s no secret that I love me some fastcap stuff, but I also love how they run their facility. This is their annual improvements video that they put out. There’s a few in there that would even be cool in a space like ours

The shop vacuum hose idea is stellar! It would prevent the cords on the floor which is a safety concern for me and we could keep the vacuum plugged into an outlet that won’t flip a fuse.

I really like their vacuum reel but they want an arm and a leg for something that’s pretty much CNC’d plywood.

I keep meaning to see if I can replicate the design and make one, but I just haven’t had the time. Maybe someone else can see what they can do. The product is here:

You know, on second look, the price isn’t all that outrageous. (I thought it was more when I looked at it last) Maybe we can consider just buying it if there’s no takers on recreating it.

We have to invest in more hose as well but I think that’s a steal!