Factory Two 5yr Anniversary Newsletter

I was forwarded an email attachment with information about fellow makers from Flint. It might be a trip worth making to check out their organization.

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[Factory Two October Newsletter - Five Year Anniversary Edition!]


It does sound like a trip worth making! Thanks for forwarding this.

It would be cool to get a group outing coordinated.

I would be interested in an outing like this.

I can drive group of me + 3 if we want to carpool.

I am available and would be interested in assisting a group outting. I have room for 3 passengers in my vehicle as well.

Thoughts on wearing LMN gear when we go?

Wow! Jimmy and I have been talking about how cool a field trip would be. I can also transport!

I can’t transport, but certainly can ride along.

I would like to go I would chip in for gas

I’d be interested in this as well. I can drive and take 3 others, or chip in for gas.

Is there any serious interest in carpooling to see Factory Two? If so, I suggest we meet at LMN on Wednesday afternoon, and go from there. The event is 5-8 PM, and it’s an hour drive time, according to Professor Google.

What’s a good time for people to meet? Are you going there right after work? I suggest if you get off work at 5, we plan to leave the shop at 5:30. That gives us roughly 90 minutes there to see what they have.

Questions? Comments? Do we wear LMN-wear t-shirts?

I would be interested in a group outing. I have been debating the lmn shirt myself. On the one hand it would be cool to come out and show support as a group. On the other hand it could be seen as an advertising attempt to steal their thunder so to speak.

I do think meeting at the shop to head out at 5:30 would be a good way to organize things

I think that its great that so many folks showed an interest in going to Flint. My itinerary for tomorrow will be to leave early so I can arrive right around 5 when they’re scheduled to start… I like to ask a lot of questions; and I’ll probably stay through the full opening celebration till 8PM. By then, I was thinking of stopping at some local spot to get something to eat before heading back.
I’ll be proudly wearing my Lansing Makers Volunteer T-shirt (but I agree with Mike about trying not to step on their celebration), AND I was thinking it might be a nice gesture to get them something for their anniversary. Since they’re a Maker Space, maybe not something that they (or we) could make, but I’m thinking a case of soda for their fridge or something along those lines…
If someone could stomach my traveling plans and would want to share the gas cost (I drive a Prius, so it’ll be cheap!), let me know. I could meet you at the LMN.

Sounds great, @Lou, I would like to ride out there with you. What time do you plan on leaving LMN so that I can be sure to get there in plenty of time?

Hi Gary! Thanks for filling the one and only seat available (besides mine that is…). I was thinking of showing up around 4pm which should give us plenty of time to get out there for the opening at 5.

4pm it is.

I asked about us wearing LMN shirts there and they are completely fine with us doing this. Craig Farrington, their director, thanked me for asking, but said it wasn’t a problem at all.

Does anyone else plan to meet at lmn to head out at 5:30? Unfortunately due to mechanical failure my vehicle is no longer available to make the trip

Looks like we have:
8 interested
4 able to drive
8 spare seats with 4 seats for the drivers

So far 8 going (?) and space for 4 more. So there is room for more if people wanted to come along (and there isn’t any more automotive misadventure).

Hello all

I am attending another event in Flint having to do with recovery after I leave the Factory Two celebration. So I wont be returning to Lansing until late tonight.

Sounds like I will see a handful of you there around 5:00ish.

Safe travel all!


My partner and I can meet you at LMN by 5:30 if you’d like a ride. We have room for two other passengers.

Hugely amazing space. I’ll tell you about it later.