Faceting - anybody got any dopping tips?

I’ve been faceting on and off since ~2016 and always struggled to get my dops to hold. I’ve tried both wax and epoxy, but I feel like I’ve never made any progress in getting a more consistent bond. I know we’ve got some faceters around and I was wondering if any of you have any tips/tricks.

Hi, Maria! It’s been quite some time since I’ve done any cabbing w/ dopping sticks. I think @Vic_Reynaud will have a good suggestion for you.

Well there are many approaches but this is the way I do it super glue cork deck screw

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Cool! I don’t think I could use a deck screw with my faceting machine (though maybe if I sanded one side flat…), but maybe I can get/machine some dops that have a nice wide end like the screw, to get better contact.

Jb quikweld is what i use. I dont use a 1:1 though. I use a hair more hardener than steel. Takes about an hour until you can work it. What problems are you having? What size material and what size dop? Im assuming your machine takes 6mm/.25" dops?

Also, superglue is awesome for little things that dont need much pressure or for fixing things when they pop out of epoxy.

Here is some jb quikweld holding a sphere shaped piece of glass in a cone dop.


Oooh, nice! Thanks, I’ll give it a try. Love that glass, btw.

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Yeah, I have a used facetron that came with a few cone, flat, and v dops of different sizes. Lately most of the material I’m using has been in the neighborhood of 10mm, and the dops I’ve been using have ~3-4mm heads, so maybe they’re just too small to get away with relative to the stones.

Yea, try going up in dop size. I had to custom make some on the lathe because i plan on cutting bigger things. Made one that is 1.5 inches lol

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Nice! I was thinking about the lathe, but hadn’t managed to figure out how to make the flat part for setting the angle. How did you do it?

Ah, my machine can accept keyed or non keyed dops but i bet with the mini desktop cnc mill you could do it.

Oh, good idea! That could definitely work.