Emtpied Propane Tank

@Clifford_Bohm, just an fyi that the small forge’s propane tank was emptied, I have swapped it out.

I also did most of the hook how-to set you mentioned, but am going to redo the final hook as I made the twist uneven. When it is done, should I just leave it on the bookshelf for you to review?

As an aside, next time the small forge is relined, i’d love to sit in and learn how to do that if our schedules line up.

Yes to the hook parts, and Ill keep you poster about forge work.

I noticed that the small forge has a small hole in the side last night! Where the heat-block is worn out, the metal has been heating up and has now sprung a small leak. It seemed very localized and not leaking too much heat, but I thought it worth bringing to your attention.

Is there an update regarding this? Are people able to use the forge despite the hole in the oven?

@Clifford_Bohm, correct me if I’m wrong but I think it should be ok to use. Andy and I have been using it (and it doesn’t seem to be getting much worse) but the heat blocks are still keeping that side of the forge fairly insulated, and it doesn’t really compare to the amount of heat loss that comes out of the front of the forge.

I made a temporary repair. It should be good until I can get time to make a more permanent fix next year. Let me know if you are seeing heating on the side.