Electrical Upgrades (208/3ph to wood/metal)

This has been dropped numerous times, but I’m putting it out there to see if someone can take the torch.

We met with an electrician (a very long time ago) to see about adding a subpanel to the back wall of the space with a pass through into the woodshop so that we could more easily add circuits and get 208V/3PH back to the CNC Router and some other equipment in the Woodshop (see image). Said electrician was willing to pull a permit for us and supervise us doing the work for code compliance and all.

It’s been way too long to just assume that he’d still be willing to work with us on this, but it’s worth revisiting if someone could take the lead on getting it done.

What we’d need to do:

  • Put together a few quotes for the cost of materials from different vendors and at least ask if they’d work with us as a nonprofit to donate or discount anything.
  • Get an electrician to pull permit and supervise the work.
  • Do the work.

It’s been long enough since the board approved the expense that we need to ask for board approval on it, but that’s probably the easiest part of this.

Also attached is the materials list that Craig put together for us. I know I put together home depot costs on it at some point but I can’t seem to find it again. I’ll try to do that again so we at least have a starting point for quotes.

If someone will take the lead on this, I’ll be happy to send you Craig’s email address to contact him to see if he’d still work with us and how much it would cost for his time.

Scan Jun 8, 2016, 7.33 AM.pdf (369.4 KB)

Hey Brian, is this still an open item?

I have a suggestion, and associated offer if still so.

Since nobody has taken this up, and it has been discussed for a long time, I suggest that we consider paying an electrician to do the work. As I recall the cost to just run the feed and sub panel wasn’t horrible. I have no doubt that if the panel was installed we would find folks willing to simply install a couple outlets. Sounds like membership is up, so perhaps the budget is better?

If that was palatable and approved by the board, I would volunteer to get 3 quotes for labor and materials, attempting to get each to give a special price/discount, and then work with the electrician to get the permit and job completed.

I have been tied up with health problems for months and haven’t really had much I could do for the space, but I certainly could coordinate this (phone calls only require one working arm)

Just offering,

Carl Lance

@Gary is taking the lead on it and I’m sure he’d appreciate some help getting quotes. We had a conversation just yesterday about paying an electrician to do the work so I think we’re on the same page.

Carl, if you know a few electrician i /we could contact them for this.

If I may suggest an electrician, this woman is awesome ! Her name is Monica Murray. I’ve attached her business card.


Hopes this helps!

I had the first estimate for updating the woodshop done today, the next is tomorrow. I the third guys has not called back yet.
estimates should all be in the middle of next we and we can start moving things around.

Awesome! Thanks getting this going!