E-Textiles Workshop During Maker Week

Hi all!
If you’re interested in e-textiles/soft circuits, come check out this short intro I’m doing at the Runway this week! (Registration is cheaper than the kit by itself, just fyi).



How’d the workshop go ?

Great! It was a fun time and everyone left with a circuit that lit up! I forgot how much I like doing this workshop :slight_smile:

Awesome! We’d love to host one here if you’re game for it sometime. :wink:

Absolutely! Cost probably needs to go up since The Runway basically subsidized the cost of the kits, but I’m more than happy to figure this out with y’all!

I think we can work with that. Which kits were they/how much ?

Figures - I just joined and missed this workshop and The Runway. Since I’m also a costume designer (among my many hats), I would love to take this workshop at Makers, Stephanie! :smiley: