Drum Sander Usage

I saw the photo below on the drum sander after coming in today to specifically use it. It’s frustrating to come in and find a tool “offline.” Has there been a plan for to pay for sandpaper or for when this can be used? Especially after membership pricing changes, would hope there’s a way to still pay for what is used or replace but also be able to utilize the tools we have.

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While a plan is being sorted out is there a way for members to use it?


There has been no determination on charging for sandpaper. I have let people use it on a case by case basis while I’m there. This machine is easy to misuse. I don’t recall you doing a check off of this tool, which is absolutely necessary. You are frustrated. Please understand that we want all members to be able to use the equipment wisely and safely. It is also frustrating for members to come in and find the tools they want to use mishandled and not in working order, which happened repeatedly when we initially brought this tool online. We ask for your patience, as it is an all volunteer staff that works on addressing this and all other issues. As for membership dues increasing–I don’t see a relationship to the issue with the sander.

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@cafwood Charlie, It seems like sandpaper would be one of those consumables users would expect to provide on their own…Maybe the wood shop has a stash that was donated - but there are so many different kinds of sand paper, I would expect users to bring what they need for their project…

But then, I have not used the woodshop area…

I know in the craft area we have a stash of thread and fabric that were donated - and sewists can use that stash - but as a sewist, I would not count on the color of thread I needed to be in the stash and would expect to bring my own thread. That said, I flit around to so many different projects, I appreciate and do use the thread stash in the craft area.

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Thanks for the reply Charlie. Not knowing a lot about the machine, how much does the sandpaper needed for it cost?

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The drum sander is available for use. Please, be trained (at this point by me) before using. Also, read the signage posted on the machine. Precut rolls are available from Klingspor for about $34/pack of 2.


Thanks Charlie! Any guidance on which rolls I would be buying if I want to use this tool? Or will this become obvious once I’ve been checked out?

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For our space; we usually obtain belts from Fintech in Belding MI. We use aluminum oxide open coat 80/120 in the drum sander, for the most part. Cutting your own is usually a lot cheaper than pre-cut, but may want to keep a set of old belts as a template! https://www.fintechabrasives.com/


The grit you want depends on the work you want to do. I will stick with pre-cut rolls. The cuts on the rolls is precise and consistent and saves me time I’d rather spend other ways.

What size is needed if I order some from Klingspor?

Cut-To-Fit Supermax and Performax 37" drum sander.