Drum sander replacement?

@mgrossbauer @RealCarlRaymond

With the drum sander looking like it’ll cost us ~$400 to repair (and with the problems with it continuing to mount). I’m wondering if we shouldn’t start looking at options?

Budget is always a concern, but a little poking around got me to this:

I’m not necessarily suggesting we buy this exact one, but I’m wondering if we start to consider the sunk cost of having to repair the current one, we might be better off looking for options.

If anyone finds something in the used market, lets share it here and see what we can come up with. There are at least a few people that use/depend on it, so maybe we can try asking for a chip-in on it. It’s worked before…

Grizzly has a few options as well in this range of prices.

I must have missed the topic… Yikes.