Drill with a funky trigger switch?


Affected Tool or Resource: DeWalt battery operated drill

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One of the DeWalt cordless drills has an intermittent problem. Sometimes it won’t turn on when I pull the trigger. But after a few pulls, it seems to work OK. I put it back on the rack with the other drills, in the left-most slot. This drill has a small clip on the base to hold a bit - I think it’s the only one with that feature.

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Is it a model equipped with a brushless motor?

I don’t know. I didn’t look that closely at any labels.

I used it yesterday for a few minutes before switching to a different drill. But I marked the one giving me problems with some blue tape on the handle.

OK, I looked yesterday - this one does have a brushless motor.

If it hasn’t been fixed with yet I will take a look at it after my shift today

To my knowledge, it has not been fixed. However, remember that today and tomorrow are holidays. There are no open hours until Sunday.