Drill press is yours if needed!

If anyone has a use this nice Drill press…come by and grab it!! Take whatever donation or hugs…or nothing. Changed directions and don’t have the room. Nothing at all wrong with it, great adjustable and tilting table…2/3hp on a upright stand. Never had any issues with it, works great…just want to see it get some use. If the space can use it…it’s theirs too…just don’t have a good way to get it there.

How big/heavy is it? If you think 2 people could reasonably get it into/out of a smaller SUV, I would potentially be interested in taking it off your hands.

If this is still available I have a use and can pick up tonight after my shift

Dang…didn’t see these until just now. Yes it’s still available. I’ll be gone most of this weekend. But my number is 517-582-9394…you can text and we can figure out a time.

It could if the seats fold down. Probably 5ish feet tall and maybe around 100#