Drill Press Checkout Request

I would like to stop by this week and sign up for a membership. The current project I have in mind requires a drill press. If possible I would like to get checked out on it when I stop in, so if anyone will be able & available to check me out on it, please let me know. Thanks!

Hello Rob!

What material are you working with? We’ve got different folks to help with the woodshop drill press and the machine shop drill press.

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Hi Lex! I am working with metal, I think it is painted stainless steel, so hopefully the metal shop drill press is appropriate for this project.

This project is to modify the frame of a double bass drum pedal to allow it to be used ambidextrously, with the secondary unit on either side. I will need to replicate the countersunk holes that are already drilled on one side of the frame to the mirror-matching location on other side. (I do not plan/expect/hope to start on actually working this project when I sign up. I would like to first ensure everything is properly measured, aligned, and secured for the drill press. I also anticipate having to buy at least the drill bits and other project-specific accessories, and also I still have yet to dismantle the unit more than it is in the pictures.)

Here are some pics that hopefully explain a bit better, with lines showing what needs to go where:

Thanks Rob, this looks like a cool project.

Paging @RealCarlRaymond , @Bwil415 , @Moonrod are any of you available to give a checkout on the machine shop drill press?

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