Donation of weld clamp stand

Hello Michael Lautner,

I have a tool stand that can be used to store C-clamps and vise grip clamps used in welding fabrication. This tool stand was used at Dart Container Corporation for many years. The stand is mounted on four casters, and has horizontal bars, which support the clamps, which are adjustable. If you are interested in this please let me know. For reference, you gave the checkout tour of the weld area to me on Friday 10 November 2023.


Paul H. Nordeen

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Apologies for the delayed response, if the stand is still available I would be interested

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OK. I will try to deliver the weld clamp stand to the LMN, however, it may take awhile since I don’t have a truck.

Here is a recent photo of the weld clamp stand in use.


I am available this weekend to help move if you need it. I have a truck

The weld clamp storage stand that I built is currently at Dart Container Corporation in Mason. I contacted the Plant Manager and was told that I could pick it up sometime next week. I will try to contact you when Dart provides me with more information.

I have delivered the Weld Clamp Storage Stand to the LMN. I placed it next to the large overhead door located on the northwest

side of the building. Please let me know if you find it useful.


Thank you. I will head that way now to put it inside

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