Donate to LMN with AmazonSmile

It’s that time of year where we all tend to do a bunch of Amazon shopping. If you don’t know, Lansing Makers Network is a registered nonprofit on Amazon Smile. So, if you go to when you do your shopping and select LMN as your charity of choice, Amazon will donate a portion of your purchase to us.

It doesn’t cost you any extra and works exactly the same way as regular Amazon. There are even Chrome and Firefox extensions that will redirect you to Amazon Smile everytime you go to (You have to actually make the purchase at–regular won’t trigger the donation.)

I found a really nice way to do this. Especially since many links from deals sites etc will have their referrals going to them instead.

What I do, is create a bookmark on my toolbar to

I load up my cart from any amazon links from external sites, but click that link to get to my cart. Then I know my donation goes to LMN instead of the referring links.

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