Does doing a class constitute a check out on the tools used in the class?

Hi All,

I did the woodworking cutting board class yesterday and am contemplating signing up to use the space. Does taking part in the class constitute being checked out on the tools used in that class or is it a separate process?

Thanks in advance.



This is a good question, I’m not sure who would know

I’ll keep an eye on this thread. If anyone does know could they let me know?


@Rossi.Bossi is in charge of classes.
@RealCarlRaymond is in charge of that class.
@cafwood is the woodshop area manager.
Some combination of those three should be able to chime in on this really good question.

Sorry for the late reply. A class does not constitute a checkout, because a class only uses a tool for a few specific tasks under close supervision. A checkout is more thorough, and is intended to equip people to work independently.

Okay, cool. Thanks. That makes sense.


You can attend a checkout session before you become a member. I just scheduled one for Thursday at 6:30pm. If you’d like to attend, reply over in the other posting: Wood shop checkout session Thursday, Dec. 1, 6:30pm

Thanks Carl,

It’s past my kid’s bedtime and my partner already has plans that night so I’ll have to try for another time. If things change I’ll let you know on that thread.