Does anyone want to be that friend with a truck (or van) today?

Hey folks,

I have a last minute need for a vehicle to transport a large storage armoire (because who among us doesn’t need more storage??) that I want to pick up from someone in Springport this evening. We were going to go the Menards rental route but I’d always rather pay a human. More than happy to throw 50 bucks your way for gas and time. Transport would be from Springport, MI to South Lansing.

Thanks to anyone who sees this!

Is this the Springport located about 10 miles or so south of Eaton Rapids? If so, I might be able to help. I have a pickup that should be able to do this. I’ll shoot you a message with contact information.

One word of caution, though - it has an open bed - no cover, no cap, etc. Can the armoire stand up to the elements and today’s weather? Or do you have a tarp, etc to protect it?