Does anyone do laptop repair?

My laptop (HP Pavilion g6) needs a new system fan. I’ve purchased the replacement part, but installation requires a more extensive crack into the case than I am comfortable undertaking as a novice. Looking for someone who does this in real life. I’d rather give the business to an LMNer than a random repair shop if possible.


I may be able to help depending on when your available

Thanks - my schedule is pretty flexible. I’m at LMN now, and will probably be back at some point in the next day or two if you’ll happen to be around then. But if not let me know when you might be around; I have 24/7 access so it doesn’t need to be during open hours.

I work the evening shift on thursdays. I also plan to spend a decent portion of the weekend in the space

Sounds good, Mike. My day is pretty open tomorrow, so I’ll stop by at some point and look you up. Thanks.

I am unfortunately unable to return to the space today. If you are comfortable leaving the computer and the part at the front desk i can get it taken care of early tomorrow

No problem, thanks. I just left LMN a little while ago, but I can swing by tomorrow. I’d be interested to watch and learn how you get into the case. If you want to reply tomorrow when you are there or have a sense for your timing I can come meet you. And if it doesn’t work for tomorrow, no problem. Thanks again.

Im heading to the space now

Sounds good. I should be able to head that way in a little bit. Might be close to 2:30 by the time I’m there.

That works for me. You should be here in time to rescue me from doing math