DIY Metal Picture Frame

Hi Everyone!

Im trying to make a metal picture frame for a piece Im working on, I need the front facing piece to be metal, but the sides can be anything else. I’m trying to figure out if I should just cut a square hole in the middle or if I should use a bigger piece and bend the sides around. For either method Im not sure how to best cut or bend the metal. Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions? It can be made of any metal! It would hold an image 4"by5" with a thick frame of 2-3".

Here are some pictures of the two methods I’m considering:

Thank you!


Will you be in the makerspace tonight? I have a couple questions about your goals

I can swing by! What time works for you?

I’m so sorry. I didn’t realize you would responded :expressionless:

I do plan in being back on the space Tuesday or Wednesday to do some sewing if you wanted to chat in person

If you actually just want a frame, a groove could be cut into a metal rod with the angle grinder, and then it could be bent using a and heat.
If you want sheet metal, i’m not sure what tools we have, but angle grinder, a vice and brute force could cut and bend it for you.

You should get a checkout on the metalworking area if you haven’t already!

No worries! And that would work, except Im on an editing job atm, it might be done wednesday evening so I could come in then. Ill let you know! Thank you!

Alas! I won’t be in that night. However, I’m sure there will be others that might be able to think out loud with you
Also, do you need sheet metal? I have some lithograph sheets and could spare one

I would cut the front out…and then attach it to the backing. How thick do you need the back?