Difficulty paying membership online

I’m having difficulty renewing my membership online. I joined one month ago and paid by cash at the office. When I tried to renew online, I started by changing my password as requested. Now, when I click on the Renew now button, I get an error message: Not Found

Error: The requested address ‘/members/add-membership/417fe802-15b7-4322-baaa-46bc40777eca/1’ was not found on this server.

Hmm… Not sure why that’s happening but I’ll take a look at it today and let you know when its fixed.

Thanks. Any luck on finding out why I can’t pay online? Is it because I let me membership lapse? I’ll be happy to send a check. I am just worried that my check might sit in a PO Box for some period of time.

Should be fixed now. Nothing at fault on your end, just a checkbox on our end that hadn’t been checked. Let me know if you have any other difficulties.

Thanks, Brian. I just renewed my membership successfully.

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