Detroit Maker Faire 2019 Volunteers and Scheduling

Maker Faire Detroit in Dearborn is this weekend.

Our typical schedule is to start to pack up around noon on Friday and leave around 3pm to arrive in the Henry Ford around 5pm. Then unpack and stage everything to be done around 7pm.

So we are looking for volunteers for Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Where Saturday will will persons to help with general patron Q/A, keep up of our Area and additional support persons for the Black Smith demonstrations.

Anyone interested please respond and or contact myself directly

i3detroit Maker Faire after party and special guest.

FYI - i3detroit, a large makerspace in Ferndale 30 minutes north of Maker Faire Detroit.

Dale Dougherty, co-founder and president of Make (producers of Make Magazine and Maker Faire) will be coming to Detroit for this year’s Detroit Maker Faire.

As part of that, he has asked to drop by i3 during the After Party on Saturday night in order to talk to the community about what happened with Make and about the future in general. We are going to be handing the mic over to Dale for a few minutes at 8pm, after which he plans to hang out answering questions and having an informal chat with whomever is around.

If you were on the fence about dropping by the party, I hope this decides you! Dale has been going around the country to meet with makers about the current situation, but this may be his only Michigan visit

WANTED - Last minute exhibits

Have you created something that your excited about.

Something so awesome either that you are constantly talking about it.

Or something that just warms your INNER MAKER’s spirit.

If so let us help you show it at Maker Faire. Please contact me and I can help arrange tickets and or volunteers to help, even if you are not able to attend.

LMN is great in that we have a team at MF to help.

Hi Mike,

I plan to be there all weekend including helping with set up/tear down.

I’m planning to bring my spinning wheel and do spinning demos like I have done in past years.

I also have a project I’ve been working on, the Tempestry Project, that are knitted tapestries showing the daily temperature over the course of a year to show climate change. I could have two of them ready for display this weekend if there is room/interest.

I am sure will will find room.

I’ll be there Saturday to help out and for part of the i3 party. Is there a place where we can find directions and information about parking?