Decluttering the space, part 2

So the space force is wrapping up the first big push to clear abandoned materials from the space and get ourselves to a place where the only things living here are the things we’re actively making projects from.

At this point we have a few things to report going forward:

  1. At the moment, the only materials we have cleared out are materials that were unlabelled, or whose pass expired 6 months ago.

  2. A lot of what we have cleared out is scrap plywood and veneer that was left by the wood shop or the laser cutter with a well-intentioned belief that someone else might want to use it. Please don’t do that. We’re creating signage to help guide you in this, but basically, we have no need for scrap wood at the moment. Unless a piece of plywood has a really sizeable bit of clean space (8.5X11" in the case of the laser cutter or 2’ X 2’ in the case of the wood shop) and you notice there’s not much scrap around, toss the scrap wood out.

  3. Going forward, we are going to clear out any expired parking passes once a week. Please don’t get into the habit of just re-upping your parking pass every two weeks and leaving stuff here, though; that would obey the letter of the law without acknowledging the spirit in which it was issued. If we find that is happening, we’ll probably want to sit down with you for an awkward conversation.

  4. As we clear out expired parking passes, we’re moving them to the shelves in the “Not Recycling” area by the garage door. This will act as a temporary purgatory for materials. We’ll empty it out every month to the dumpster out back.

  5. If there are materials in purgatory you want, you may take them; however, please remove them from the space and take them home. Don’t just put it back in the space with your own parking pass.

  6. If you find your own materials in purgatory, you may also take them, but the same thing applies: it was put in purgatory because you left it here too long; don’t just re-up your parking pass and put it back.

  7. Also, please be careful not to use purgatory to shop. In other words, don’t just take all the things from purgatory. It’s purgatory, not a gift basket.

  8. Finally, please don’t bring things in from the outside for the purpose of putting them in purgatory. The whole point of our current push is that we want things out of the space, so bringing them in runs counter to that.

Thank you again to everyone who has made an effort to make this reorganizing of the space work for everyone. And thank you to the volunteers, especially @Alon_Yossef and @conejita42 who have been helping the last two weeks.

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