Day Passes to LMN

Speaking to students, and other people without cars, a big stopping point for coming to the LMN is not being sure how often they can come. They like the idea, but with the space only being open 4 days a week, and having to pay $35/month without knowing you can find a ride more than once in that month is difficult. If there were a way to get a day pass, for maybe $10 dollars, or a like 2 hour pass for $5 you could manage a checkout and use the space without having to commit to coming enough to make the monthly membership “worth it”*. We could still treat tours, training, etc. like a normal membership, but ask for a purchase when they come. They could even pre-buy day passes like the laser cut gift cards.

Any thoughts on this idea? If there are problems, are they ones I could devote thought or research to solving?

  • a weird side effect is that I think people can justify pricier purchases more easily when they compare them to smaller ones: $10 dollars for hours at a woodshop is worth it, but $35 for access more often is a better deal, so i’ll just get the membership

Another option was to use the CADL pass… That’s free, just a thought

I think this is a cool idea! There are a limited number of cadl passes and I think those are more for people who can’t purchase their own LMN membership.
Day passes can help bring more people through the door and I agree that $35/month looks like a better value compared to $10/day.
I wonder how checkouts would work with day passes. It might help if we improved the checkout process altogether and had regularly scheduled checkouts that people could sign up for in advance :woman_shrugging:t4:

I think this is a great idea. I am someone that has the $35/month pass as I am usually off work on the weekends and can usually get in on Thursday or Friday as well. I would be interested in a day pass as an option as well as there are times where I might be able to come in on an off day to get some work done in the woodshop but not often enough to justify getting the full pass.