Dave Raber Introduction

I joined up a few weeks ago, so this intro is overdue. Thanks to Tony for checking me out on several woodworking machines, and others for being helpful and informative about this place.I have worked in here a couple times already, and I think this joint is the greatest thing since sliced bread for all it offers to crafters of different types. Long story short, I build “alternative” ukuleles (my “retirement job”) and I am doing a part of my work here now because I have lost the use of the wood shop I have collaborated with for about 8 years. I will be in weekly, and I hope and expect to meet many more friendly and interesting people as time goes by!


Welcome, Dave! Glad you found us. :slight_smile:

Hi Dave :wave:

Super cool! What kind of “alternative” ukuleles do you make?

Thanks for asking! Hope to meet you at LMN sometime–I plan to be there next on Sun. afternoon. What is your thing?

Basically by “alternative” I mean ukuleles that do not look like miniature guitars. Here is a link to my FB page for the ukes–gives a pretty good idea of my work. I also sell on Etsy. Redirecting...

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I love the “Wild Duck:”