Creating New Tool Wiki

This task has MULTIPLE tasks in it! Wow!

This is the new tool wiki. The goal is to make a public-facing site that lists most of our tools, some info about them, and shows picture of projects made using those tools. The idea is to advertise, not necessarily to serve as a guide to members.

There is still some formatting that will need to be done to make this look a little bit nicer, but for now there is a lot of data that needs to be created / found / entered. We want to be able to fill out each of these fields for every tool listed on the wiki.

So, here are the tasks:

  • Take a picture of each tool, to be displayed in the “image” field.
  • Locate and download a copy of the manual for each tool.
  • Find and list model numbers & manufacturers for each tool (when applicable)

Once we have completed these, we’ll be able to work on the formatting and then “officially” launch. Please comment below if you could take on any of these tasks!

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I’m not very good at pictures but I can find manuals and list numbers

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Pictures are easy, good pictures are more difficult. It also depends on tolerance for complexity. You need good lighting and a background. Two lights at 45s and three people holding a neutral color sheet behind a large piece of equipment. Or small items with the same lighting on a neutral large sheet of paper. Or Steve Dean Photography does lots of industrial shoots all over the Midwest and lives under five miles away; he will also charge professional prices unless you can make some kind of arrangement with him. He’s worth it.

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Unfortunately, hiring out is not in the cards for this task, since covid circumstances require us to be frugal at the moment.

But if whoever takes on this task wants to take these tips to heart, that would be very welcome!

Hiring him might be out, but would he take other forms of compensation?

Your hyperlink is doing this in Chrome

To any that experience this, simply waiting or attempting to click the link again should resolve the issue.

I have a nice camera and I’m sure I can get shots nice enough for what you are looking for.

Has Steve Dean been contacted?