Create some “multi-day” work areas

I saw this video today and wondered what we thought about creating some “multi-day” work areas. Something like these that one could “check out” or reserve for a few days for a project that’s in process

I do have questions about how this would/should work:

Is there a charge ?
How many of these should we have ?
How do we keep these from becoming semi-permanent workspaces ? Do we care if they do if there’s a charge?

I like this idea. Maybe charge folks for over-staying their reservation?

Feel free to cast a vote, too :slight_smile:

That’s a great idea. I wonder about an increasing rate as one’s reservation continues. Something /like/: (absolutely not saying these would be the rates or how they would scale/escalate.).

Week 1: $5 / day
Week 2: $7 / day
Week 3: $10 / day
Week 4+: $5 * week_number / day

Makerworks in Ann Arbor did (or does… it’s been so long since I was there) this kind of thing for their storage areas. The system went something like:

  1. Each storage area had a string to hang closepins on.
  2. At the beginning of the week, a staff person would hang an additional closepin on each storage area.
  3. If you accessed your storage space, you just removed all of the closepins that had accumulated while you were away.
  4. The “rate” they charged each storage user was based on the number of closepins hanging on the storage unit. So, if you hadn’t accessed your space in a week or two, you paid a higher rate that week.

The nice thing about this is it gets at the goal of storage in the space. It ideally isn’t a substitute for /storage/ its for convenience of working on a project.

That may be overkill for something like this, I just thought I’d throw out the concept.