Craft station call for volunteers

Hi all!!

Would you be willing to volunteer to help Kaliene staff the paper craft at LMN’s How-to-Holiday event on Sunday, December 5 from 1:00 pm - 5:00 pm.?

Kaliene would be the lead. This is a custom “wrap up” station. Guests will be making gift bags, gift tags, and Froebel stars. You would guide guests in basic assembly and help Kaliene manage the station. Kaliene will help guests with the Froebel stars.

Is this something you would be willing and able to do? We would ask you to arrive 1 hour early (noon).

Please let me know. I greatly appreciate it.

Have a wonderful day and Happy Thanksgiving!!

I would be happy to fill the job of helper - as long as no expertise is needed - Greg

I’d also be happy to help. My volunteer service starts at 2:30, but I could come in early at noon

Great! Thank you both!!
Gregory - if you could help Kaliene that would be great.
Evelyn - since you have experience at the front desk, if you would be willing to come in early and greet guests as they arrive that would be great!! Many people will be paying at the door.
Please let me know if that works for both of you.
Thanks again!!!

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