Cool Youtube Open Thread

Throughout the pandemic we’ve been throwing cool YouTube channels back and forth via text and I figured it might be cool to have a running thread for people to share cool channels.

I’d start it off with a simple rules:

  • share a video representative of why you like the channel (i.e. not just a link to the channel).
  • avoid duplicating channels (that’s what :heart:'s are for)
  • duplicating is fine if the new video is awesome-sauce
  • channels should be maker related (or at least mostly maker related)
  • put the link on a line all by itself so that OneBoxing picks it up and renders a preview.

I’ll kick it off with a channel I mentioned a while back in one of the Zoom maker meetups:

Samson Boat Company

My name is Leo Sampson Goolden. I am a Boatbuilder, Sailor and Writer from Bristol, England. Right now, I’m on a mission to rebuild a 109-year old English sailing yacht called Tally Ho .

Happy Youtubing!

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Great now I want to build a boat.

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I started watching a lot of guitar-building videos once quarantine began. This channel in particular doesn’t have a lot of content, and to be honest isn’t very instructional, but the guy does experiment with interesting materials. I like the look of this jawbreaker guitar in particular…

Burl’s Art

I’m going to try and post one a day for a week.

Day 1: Wintergatan:
100’s of videos documenting the invention and building of the Marble Machine X
If you haven’t seen the first Marble Machine that Martin built, watch this video now: Do it now.

Typically there is a new video each week Wednesday documenting the incredibly huge undertaking it is to design and build a complex machine like this. He’s also a pretty great musician and you get to hear some of his jam compositions in many of the build videos.

I’ve been watching these for years now, and I look forward to each weeks new video.

Day 2: TheCrafsMan SteadyCraftin

A Unique style, but has a number of videos including metal and plastic casting. I like these videos, sometimes showing mistakes, not just things turning out perfect the first time.

I second Brian’s recommendation for Leo Sampson and Tally Ho. And if you like that, go search for “Acorn to Arabella”. Two guys in western Massachusetts are building a 38 foot sailboat from scratch on the family farm, starting from cutting timber on the farm, and milling it themselves, then building the boatshop. It’s an entertaining series.

Day 3: James Bruton
Building everything from a robot dog, to a robotic band and instruments.

So much 3d printer time, he must have 20 printers off screen somewhere.

Day 4: This Old Tony

The humor in even video is perfect. I think he must have studied comedy with the @RealCarlRaymond

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Day 5: Tech Ingredients

This guy takes experimenting to an engineering extreme. Science and sometimes what might seem too much in the weeks. I’m envious of his knowledge and his lab. Many good videos here: some of them might put you to sleep, but dang… if I only had 1/5 of the time he has on his hands to work on stuff.

Day 6: Thomas Sanladerer

Usually 3d printing topics.

Day 7: Chris Ramsay. Lot of neat puzzles on here. Some very interesting hand made puzzle boxes.

Tony’s got a certain flair, you bet.

Here’s one of my pandemic favorites: Make Anything. This channel is mostly focused on 3D printing, but with some occasional detours into related topics. Devin combines an artistic temperament with a fair amount of engineering skill. He does great things with Fusion 360 and other tools, and is a 3D printing guru.

His videos are always entertaining and worth the watch.

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Here’s a great channel that started right around lockdown time. This guy makes amazing machines:

  • The can’t miss basketball hoop and also the other completely different basketball hoop that can’t miss
  • The baseball bat that always hits home runs because of explosives
  • The automatic haircut machine that honestly looks pretty dangerous
  • The smart golf club that improves your swing

And he’s just a kid! He’s got a long future of interesting machines ahead of him.

It’s been awhile since anything was posted here, so I’ll add this.

You have a canoe. You have 2 jet engines (because who has just one?). You have the skills and tools to make mounts, stabilizers, etc. And you have the time (Thanks, Covid-19).

What could go wrong?