Construction on St. Joe


Westside Water has started their water main upgrade project on St. Joe as of this morning. St. Joe is closed from Clare St. to Rosemary Ave. If you’re coming to the makerspace from the east via St Joe, follow the detour to turn right on Rosemary, take a left on the next street (Hillsdale) and a left again on Hungerford to access the side entrance to the parking lot on Hungerford (just before the barracades at St. Joe).

From the West on St Joe, I’m not sure yet if it’s possible to access the other side’s entrance. As of right now they’re not doing any work down there so it may be possible, but the entrance is past the official closure so one might need to detour via Rosemary and Kalamazoo St.

We were surprised by this when barrrels showed up on Sunday closing off St Joe. I wasn’t able to find anything about the closure on Westside Water or the township’s websites, but I did speak with one of the employees on site this morning who said the project would take “a month or two”.

We’ll be adding a note about this to email reminders for classes, but I did want to give members a heads up.

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Thanks for the heads up, @brian.adams. I put a note about entering the parking lot from Hungerford on the Demo Night meetup event as well. :+1: