Computer hardware upgrades (HELP WANTED)

We’ve got new design lab computers that have been sitting on the shelf for a while needing their new SSDs installed and to be otherwise prepped and setup.

I’ve a suspicion given our members’ technical leanings that someone may be interested in helping out with this. If this sounds like you, let me know :slight_smile:

I DEFINITELY want to upgrade the drives to SSDs, @brian.adams . I actually love doing geeky things like this. Is Sunday morning or afternoon on the 8th a good day for me to pop over?

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I’ll be around on Sunday and can help direct for sure, if Brian prefers. I know where the SSDs and desktops are stashed currently.

That sounds great @Jimmy and @conejita42!

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I can help with the installation… would Sunday around 11AM work?

Hey Melody, what time were you thinking of dropping by today?

Shoot. I knew I forgot something this past Sunday.

Will you be at the Makerspace either tonight after 6pm or Thursday evening at 6pm, @Jimmy?

Will definitely be there Thursday at 6:00pm!