Computer for vinyl cutter


Affected Tool or Resource: vinyl cutter

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Carl tried to give me a checkout on the vinyl cutter and the computer by it isn’t the right computer. Is anyone able to get it set up to work?

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Hello All! I am in the process of setting up a NEW™ computer for the vinyl cutter. The original machine is now the laser cutter computer. If you need to use the vinyl cutter please follow these steps:

  1. Take the computer from the laser cutter.
  2. Place that machine into the digital fabrication room and attach the vinyl cutter.
  3. Use the vinyl cutter.
  4. Return the laser cutter computer back to the laser cutter.

I’ll be marking my process in setting up the new computer in subsequent posts.

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Setting up new vinyl cutting machine

So far:

  1. Found new machine that will become vinyl cutter computer.
  2. Upgraded HDD to SSD in machine.
  3. Activated Windows on new Machine.


  1. Move necessary software from laser cutting machine to new vinyl cutting machine.
  2. Add all other software and features to comply with LMN standards.
  3. Find cozy place for new computer within the Digital Fabrication room.
  4. Acquire peripheral hardware (mouse, monitor, keyboard, etc.) EDIT: Found mouse & keyboard
  5. Inaugural vinyl cut!
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