Commission: Small Wheel Adapter for Indoor Bike Trainer STand

Greetings. I bought an indoor bike trainer stand for winter exercise. When I made the purchase, I didn’t notice that the stand has a minimum wheel size of 26" diameter. My wife’s bike has a 24" diameter.

Some producers of these trainer stands make (or have made in the past) adapters to extend the resistance wheel to accommodate smaller wheel diameters, but the company from which ours was purchased does not appear to have such a product.

The design appears to be simple enough to my untrained eye, but I have neither the experience nor the tools to make it myself. I was hoping someone might be willing to have a go at it.

This album contains a few photos to give context, including the trainer itself, where an adapter would theoretically attach, and a couple of models of adapter for different brands:
Bike Trainer Adapter Commission Request

Please feel free to reach out to me with any follow-up questions, proposals, rates, etc.


Peter Polyak-Roach