Coleman Propane torch


Affected Tool or Resource: Coleman propane torch

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Hi friends, came in today and saw this disassembled and empty (which is a bummer because I had scheduled my afternoon to get some work done). Is there another canister around? If not, will it be back online tomorrow?

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We’ve gone back and forth on if the small propane cylinders are part of the stocked consumables or if they’re “replace what you consume” consumables.

There’s a very good case for them being stocked by the space (similar to why we stock wood glue in the woodshop). We’ll pilot adding them to the Kanban system to make sure it isn’t an excessive usage item.

I’ll get them restocked in the next day or two.

Cliff brought in a small propane cylinder used to light the forge and use in the forge metal area. I bought the last one (Coleman). We had sometime ago a few of the torches and now appear to be down to one. We are suppling forge propane. When I have a project I bring in my own cylinders.

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