CNC Spindle Won't Arm


Affected Tool or Resource: PA-1000 CNC Router

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During a checkout for the CNC, when turning the key to “ARM” the light on the CNC stayed green (as opposed to turning yellow). Thinking the the spindle may not be armed, we tested our job in the air. Sure enough, the job ran, but the spindle never engaged.

I checked the machine today, and it just needed a power cycle. I confirmed that it’s operating normally now.

By power cycle, I mean unplugging the control box for about 15 seconds, then plugging it in again. This allows the Smooth Stepper controller board inside to reset itself. That board is powered all the time, even when the E-stop is engaged. It’s a good idea to power cycle ahead of a machine session. Occasionally it gets locked up.

There’s a lot of cords on that machine. The one you need comes out of the red control box on a heavy cable, which goes in one side of a small electrical box, and comes out a normal-sized power cord, which goes into a standard outlet.

Of course you want to check the the spindle is plugged in as well, since it does get unplugged when the big bending brake gets used.

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