CNC Router Error Message, Unable to jog machine


Affected Tool or Resource: CNC router
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Hi All,

Was starting to run some G code on the Cnc router when I noticed my cutter path was too deep. I hit the e-stop, raised the Z axis and cleared the G-code out of the machine to start over after readjusting my cutter paths. When I went to re-zero the tool I got this error message and was unable to jog the machine with the arrow keys or the jog wheel.

Is this something that is easily remedied or did I really screw something up somehow?

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The controller has stopped communicating with the computer. Try shutting down Mach and unplugging the controller from the wall. This should reset the interface board in the router. (It doesn’t lose power when the machine is EStopped or turned off, hence needing to unplug it to get it to reset.)

That did the trick. Sorry for the late reply - ran the program and it got pretty late.

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