CNC Router Checkout

I know these are usually on Eventbrite now but I’m putting out a feeler for someone to provide a CNC router checkout for me. Not a rush but would like to put it in the toolbelt.


I’m also interested in this checkout, too.

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Also very interested in this!!

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Hi, Charlie! Do you do the checkouts for this or does someone else? @cafwood

Hi all, I can do a checkout for you on Saturday 2pm, on the 5th. It’ll be roughly 2 hours. Please reply as to whether or not this works for you. I’d rather have a small group than a one on one
I’ll try to create an evenbrite post so non members can get checked out for $5 as well

This works for me - I’ll be there!

Works for me I’ll be there as well

Thanks guys! 2pm on Saturday it is
Please register here!

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I plan to attend - Thanks

Thanks! Please register through Eventbrite so the class doesn’t get too many people showing up

@Evelyn I’ll come as a checkout giver trainee.

I registered. Looking forward to it! :slight_smile:

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Thanks for coming y’all!
Here’s the vCarve code we talked about

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Thank you, Evelyn! I enjoyed the checkout & greatly appreciate the time you took to do this. :slight_smile:

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Ahhh…sorry about any confusion. :smiley: I copied the code to paste & didn’t mean to paste it here, again. Is this code to use at the space or are we able to also use it from home?

I’m also wondering if you happen to have any suggestions (suitable for beginners) for online or local classes, for programs that would help me to learn to design the items that I’d like to make w/ the CNC &/or the laser printer? Thank you!

That’s a great question! I’ll look into this and let you know what I find

The code is for installing the program at home. Since you just starting out, I wouldn’t worry about it right now. If you work on stuff at the space, we’ll be able to help you in real time

@RealCarlRaymond do you have any ideas?

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