CNC Router Checkout Requested (Update:Checkout Completed)

I’d like to schedule a checkout on the CNC router. I have an Open Membership, but I’m flexible on the days from week to week. Is someone available on 3/15 or 3/22?

Thank you,
Randy Winn
517-648-1802 (Call or Text)

Welcome Randy!

@mgrossbauer or @RealCarlRaymond can you help Randy out?

Hi Randy,
I can get you checked out on it. How about 7:00 tonight (Friday)? It takes a good hour or more, since we start on the software and then go into the shop.

Thanks Carl. Sorry for the short notice, but tonight won’t work. It looks like my household has been hit with the flu. Can we reschedule for sometime next week? I’m available every day except Thursday.