CNC router behaving oddly, can't use -- FIXED

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I was manually moving the carriage with the arrow keys from Mach 3. Z and Y were fine, but X was random. Pushing either the left or right arrow key made it go right, sometimes left, sometimes not at all.

I unplugged the brain of the CNC and rebooted the computer, and it still behaved the same way

When pressing the right arrow key, my x location on Mach 3 would continue to increase even if the carriage was moving so the left. And if I was pressing the left arrow key and it was moving to the right, the numbers were still going negative. I didn’t watch the numbers when the carriage wasn’t moving at all because I didn’t want to burn anything up.

I manually typed out a basic g-code program, and even then when I told it to go left, it’s still randomly went right

I did not try the remote, the batteries were dead

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Hi Evelyn!

After the CNC was most recently fixed with the new drivers, the spindle was not running. Carl fixed it, and that’s when I noticed the same behavior. I let Jimmy/Carl know, I hope it was just a simple wiring mistake!

I opened it up today, and indeed it was just a loose wire. I tightened it down, and checked all the others, and then I ran a full job to completion. It’s working fine now.

Sorry for taking the whole weekend to get to this, but I had a list of other things to finish up first.


Thank you Carl!!

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No worries on the timing, I appreciate the work you put into it!

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