CNC mini-mill checkout Sat 12/9 @ 6:30

I am hoping to get checked out on the CNC Mill in the back sometime this week. Is anyone available? The only times I am not currently available is this evening and late Wednesday (after say 8pm). I’m already checked out on the CNC Router so I’m familiar with the system which should make it a pretty quick process.


Wed after 8 pm works for me, ill see you there.


I can see how I wrote that in a bit of a weird way. Wednesday after 8 is the only time I’m actually not available. Are there any other times you’d be able to do it this week? I can do any time except then, I don’t have a lot going on. I appreciate you getting back to be so quickly!

That’s ok, maybe earlier in the day?

Heads up to both of you. I think you’re talking about different machines. Ben’s already checked out on the router. I think he’s looking for a Checkout on the metal mill. @RealCarlRaymond

Assuming we are actually talking about the same thing, then yeah any time earlier wednesday works. Would 5 or 6 be fine?


I’d be happy to show you around the mini-mill. How’s Saturday at 2:00pm?

That would work for me! I’ll see you then.

Hey, I’m a idiot. I completely blanked that I have a day of battle assembly on saturday. It’s only going to go till 3pm or so, would 5:00 or later work for you at all?

Sure, that’s fine. Let’s say 6:30. It’ll take an hour and half or two hours.

Perfect! Thank you, I appreciate it

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