CNC Mill Checkout

Hello! Looking to learn more about the CNC Mill to cut up some metal for a project, are there any scheduled check-out sessions on the horizon or could I schedule one with somebody? Pretty flexible on schedule so just let me know!

Hi Nate,
How about Thursday evening at 7:00pm? There’s a lot of ways to use it. What do you mean by “cut up some metal”?

Hi Carl! The project I have in mind seems pretty straightforward, at least from my perspective of knowing nothing. I’m trying to cut some sheets of magnetic-capable metal to basically line the bottom of a plastic toolbox, nothing heavy-duty. I have some models I need to transport that have magnets in their ‘feet’ so having a thin sheet they can ‘grab’ in the bottom of the box would stop them from clattering around and breaking.

I’d be more than happy to bring the materials and box with me as an example or to get a better idea of what would be involved. 7 on Thursday could possibly work if I move some stuff around, but if something else works for you I would be all ears.

Hi Carl,

Unfortunately something has come up and I can’t make Thursday evening. I’ll keep my eyes open for the next training session you offer and hope to see you then.

That’s just as well. It turns out I have a meeting at that time.

From your description, it sounds like it would be easy to just use a saw or tin snips to cut up some sheet metal. I’ll be in the shop all day Saturday, so if you’re around we can talk about it.

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