CNC machining bit inventory volunteer task

Summary: count and inventory CNC

We have oodles of Amana bits for the CNC, and I need them inventoried. They are in four different locations at LMN.

-They’re sharp; please handle with care-

There’s this wooden case just next to the machine:

There’s this black plastic box beyond the wood lathes:

And this cardboard box next the the black plastic tote (or maybe inside the tote):

And the bits in the CNC tool change area and carriage (10 total)

There may be bits and miscellaneous things with no part number. If they’re in a tray that has labels, please note how many unknown are in which tray. If they’re not sorted, please set those aside for me, and respond to this post where that is

There’s a digital spreadsheet here to upload info. This spreadsheet is editable by anyone

This will help us develop the digital machine library and also help us design more permanent storage for all the bits.

Please respond to this post with updates!

Happy machining!



I will take care of recording everything which is loaded in the machine right now.

If someone is going through the rest of it, maybe transfer each bit to the cabinet of drawers by the machine as you do so to avoid us counting things twice.

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I have started the inventory process and have added items to the spreadsheet. All logged items are currently in a drawer next to the CnC machine. I will likely log some more next week.

Thank you!