CNC Machine checkout Saturday Jan. 29, 2:00PM

I’ll be running a CNC machine checkout class Saturday at 2:00pm. Any and all are welcome to attend. No approval is necessary, but please reply here so I’ll know to expect you.

We’ll cover the usual stool project, first up front at the computer where we’ll use Vectric V-Carve, and then we’ll go back in the shop and make it. Figure on and hour and a half.


I’ll be present for this

I shall be attending

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i’ll be there!
extra sentence. 20 char min

I will be there, and I believe @Evelyn intends to be as well.

Yes, I’ll be there

I’ve already had my check-out, but I would like to observe and take more notes. So I’ll be there in the background.

Sorry for the late reply! i must have misread the time, i actually won’t be able to make it by two

I’m down for the count with a migraine. I’m gonna have to rain check. Sorry!

Looks like I’m not going to make it in for this as well, sorry for late notice

No worries about not making it. We’ll reschedule. I’ll have to get some more material. This has been a popular checkout lately.

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