CNC Grand Reopening

At long last, we think we have the big CNC machine ready to go now. I’d like to run a checkout session for it on this Saturday the 13th at 2:00pm. This can be a refresher for anyone who has used it before but feels rusty, or an introduction if you’re new to it.

We’ll cover using V-Carve to lay out a simple stool project and export the G-code, and then take that over to the machine and cut it out of some plywood. This is one of the longer checkout sessions, so plan on 90 minutes to two hours.

Reply here if you’d like to participate.


@RealCarlRaymond how many people can this checkout handle?

I would like to participate!

@Esheldon and I will be there but will be a bit late.

I will be there, possibly plus one

I believe this puts us at the cap for the CNC checkout, though @RealCarlRaymond could you confirm?

Not entirely sure yet on the plus one. Still trying to talk a buddy into coming to check out the space and sign up

Cap be damned! Let’s see how many are interested.

I need a refresher and will be there.

i would be interested in learning!! :smiley:

Hello Carl,
If there is still room I would like a refresherment also.



I would be interested if you still have room. Thanks.

I’ll want the refresher, but would like to get it using my paddleboard file.

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I’m not a member yet, but am definitely interested in learning if you’ll have me.

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@Esheldon and I actually won’t be able to attend this check out. @RealCarlRaymond would you be able to do another one sometime soon?

Well we’ve got quite a few people for this. I set up the big screen up front so everyone can see the software part of it. We’ll put out some more chairs.

It’s my first time doing the checkout since the Before Times, and this will be the first time we’re fully exercising the machine since moving it, so it may be a little rough around the edges. But we’ll have fun.

Certainly you can join us.

@Esheldon I’ll run this again soon for sure.

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