CNC Feed Rate Issue?

Question for one of the more experienced members; it’s been a month or two since I did my CNC check out, and last Sunday morning I came in and tried to re-teach myself by doing the check out project. I managed to do pretty good following the manual in my memory. The manual has a feed rate of 1.7 and I used this. But it appears to be way too slow. When I loaded the G code into the CNC controller and begin operating the system it was exceedingly slow in making the cuts. So slow that the screen saver would come on. At one point I didn’t notice the screen saver was on and it actually went into sleep mode. From what I can tell the system stoped the project when that happened and would not restart from where I left off.

Is this simply the result of me having to feed rate at to slow speed? If so what is an ideal feed rate?

Or is it possible that I didn’t load another aspect of the project correctly?

Sounds like a units issue. The feed rate can be specified in inches per minute or inches per second, and a few other ways. For the checkout stool we use approximately 100 in/min, which is about 1.7 in/sec. Maybe you entered 1.7 in/min, which would be very slow.

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