CNC checkout Sunday 4:30 January 15th

Hey, I’m running a CNC checkout for @Lex. Let me know if you want to join in!

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I would like to attend this checkout. What supplies do we need to bring?

About how long does this checkout take?

Just yourself! Please no opened toed shoes or clothing with dangly things like hoodie strings

Roughly a couple hours. It can really fluctuate depending on number of people and hiccups we encounter

Sounds good! I will also be there for the checkout. It will be my first one so will I just meet you in the lobby area?

Yes please!
We’ll be starting on the computers in that area

Oohh, missed a perfect opportunity to ask for a coffee bribe :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:. But seriously do we need wood cut for this checkout?

I’m an old lady. I can’t have caffeine past 1:00 :sob:
Last I saw, there were several boards ready to go. By chance, Will you be stopping in before Sunday?

I can if you need me to check :wink: or otherwise prep things

I would like to attend!

Perfect! I’ll be there too

Alright y’all! This is as about as big of a group as I want to do. If plans have changed and you need to drop out, please let me know!

I have confirmed there are several test pieces of wood for cnc checkouts as of this afternoon

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