CNC Checkout request?

I was wondering if anyone would be available in the next week to do a checkout on the CNC machine. I have a large number of bat box pieces that basically need grooves carved in them and thought it would be ideal to do it on the CNC. Let me know. Thanks!

This is a bit off topic, but I’ve built bat houses before, and used a plastic mesh inside for the bats to grip. It only needs to be stapled in, so it’s fast to install, and cheap.

Message me for details if you’re interested in more info.

I thought about mesh, but it needs to be replaced every couple years as feces and urine gets underneath it. Grooving the wood we wouldn’t have to worry about it, plus it’s free. I usually use a table saw, but it’s quite tedious. We may use the mesh to save on labor if we can find it cheap. Where did you get yours?

I found 6 inch wide rolls of mesh 20’ long at Menard’s. It’s designed to go on top of gutters to keep out leaves. The rolls were only $2 each.

Another option might be to use window screen, tho the mesh might be too fine.

The CNC mill might work well at that, given that you could mill an entire sheet of plywood at once, and then cut it into whatever size you want.

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