CNC Checkout Request July '22

Hi, I’m looking to do a checkout on the CNC router. My schedule is very flexible and I can make myself available whenever someone has the time.

Would like a check out on this as well.

Also interested in a checkout

@Jimmy is able to do a checkout next Thursday at 4:30pm

Would I still be able to attend…it is kinda during my shift, so I don’t want to short the staff…but really want to get this one checked out too.

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Ive been checked out but would like to do it again just for good measure

I would also like to participate in the CNC Checkout today (Thursday 8/4)

Hey all, I’m sorry for the short notice, but I am only personally able to accommodate a max of three trainees at a time. I didn’t see subsequent responses since @Arialia when I could perform the checkout.

This means that today, I’m going to be checking out @Arialia, @BrianBaldwin and @Lex if they are each able to make it today at 4:30pm.

@David-west80 and @Nick , I will look into how quickly I could schedule an additional training. But if you are able to make a new thread stating your availability, this would help figure out what works for everyone.

I have to bow out of a checkout this week, stupid quarantine.

I’ll be there today.

Ill catch it next time. Thanks