CNC checkout request Aug 2019

I was wondering if I may finish my CNC checkout. My ambitions for using it currently amount to planing large slabs of walnut. Available Friday, Saturday and Sunday (29-31st) this week!
Thank you.

Hi Puja, sorry for the late reply. If you can make it in today (Friday) we can get on the machine. Saturday we’ll be replacing a bad bearing on the machine, so it will be out of service for a bit.

Otherwise, Sunday afternoon will work for me.

Sorry, just login on. Sunday afternoon it is!

The machine is back in shape, but Charlie noticed the big 2" bit was dull, so he took it for sharpening. However, we can still set up the job in V-Carve and get ready for when it comes back.

I’m doing a woodshop checkout at 2:00, so probably around 3:00pm.

It was fun! thank you :slight_smile: