CNC Checkout Request: Apr 2022

I would love to do a checkout for the CNC if someone is available to do so.


Hey there Casey! Because the CNC seems to be down at the moment, I’d like to wait on scheduling a checkout for it. Once I’ve heard it’s up and running again, I’ll respond here!

@Jimmy it sounds like from some threads the CNC is back up and running??! :grimacing: If this is the case I would love to do a checkout, I have a project in mind that I’m ready to get started on. :slight_smile: I am free almost anytime, except Friday and Saturday this week. I’ll already be there on Sunday for checkout on the laser cutter at 2pm. Thanks!!!

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Sounds good! Let’s try for a checkout training at 3:00pm on Sunday May 8th, in that case.

@jacob, do you have any interest in joining? If so, does that time work for you as well?

Yeah @Jimmy I am interested in joining the checkout training. About how long would the process take? I am going to try to fit in a laser cutting session around that time as well.

CNC Router should be about an hour.

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I want in on this… Tentatively…tulip festival is that weekend too…and I Have to get my wooden clogs and pretty flowers on at some point as well.

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@Jimmy any news on the issue we were running into at our checkout? Has it been resolved?

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Still working on getting it figured out, but hoping to start rescheduling to finish off the checkout within the next day or two!

Any updates on the CNC machine?

Carl replaced some of the integrated circuitry in order to make the Z-axis work again. We just need to schedule a time with @Jimmy to complete our checkout.

@Vimal would also like to attend this training with us. He would need to start from the beginning but I don’t mind going over that stuff again.

To confirm, @jacob @Cait and @Casey_Hewens can let me know their availability and we’ll figure something out! We’ll start back up at the CNC in the woodshop and finish our checkout. I will, however be out of town this Friday and Saturday. Maybe @RealCarlRaymond will be able to help out if he is free.

@Vimal will need to start from the beginning, so this will likely need to be a separate appointment.

May 22nd (today - sunday) @ anytime && May 28th @ anytime (saturday).

Beyond these days, typically anytime on Sunday is a good time for me.

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I also could do today! Or I could do Wednesday, Thursday or next Sunday. Thanks @Jimmy!

Completed my checkout on the CNC with Carl.

The z-axis was still acting funky, however Carl replaced two the IC’s and now it is working as expected :slight_smile:

Casey, are you available at 5:00pm Thursday? If not, how about 1:00pm on Sunday?

@Jimmy Thursday at 5pm would be perfect. Thanks!!

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Sorry @Jimmy and @jacob, been busy at work and couldn’t track this chat. If you guys have already completed the checkout, I will request for a new one sometime next week. This weekend being long weekend, we had planned a few activities for kids. So not sure when I will be dropping by at the shop.

Thank you for considering me for the checkout.


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Thanks everybody. Look like I figured out the talk site.