Cloth face masks, local makers?

Does anyone know of anyone making and selling cloth facemasks locally? I’ve seen a few sellers at places like the Meridian Farmers Market but wasn’t sure if anyone might have anyone in mind.

Why: We’re looking to sell reusable face masks at the front counter when we re-open as part of our “Member’s shop”. I could go to Amazon or AliExpress/baba and find something, but it would be great to support a local maker.

Or alternatively, we could spin up a volunteer effort to make them and sell them at the front desk. I think either option would be cool.

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If we go the volunteer route, I can’t speak to the relative cost of materials, but Seams in East Lansing is a relatively young local shop for fabrics. They do their own classes when they’re able, have a similar attitude toward sharing tools / co-working spaces, and I think it would be neat to connect with them more.

Thats a great idea! I’ll have to look into them.

A little late on this one, but

proceeds for this go to undergrad relief fund
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