Closed for Easter Sunday 4/21/19


LMN will be closed to the public (open hours) this Easter Sunday. As always the space remains open to key holders. Thank you to all of our volunteers who are working so hard to make open hours a success.

Enjoy your Sunday!

Question: Should those of us who hold keys hide a series of eggs throughout the space for others to find later?

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I suppose that would depend on the type of egg. Plastic? Go nuts.

The idea of hard boiled eggs rotting throughout the space doesn’t bring me a great deal of joy however :wink:

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You’re an iconoclast.

Although this does give me a cool idea for something we could do next year: Maker Easter Egg Hunt. Some of us make and donate eggs using our various crafting skills, and we invite the public to come hunt for them. Probably it costs something, too.

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Kinda on the same theme, the Greater Lansing Potters Guild is doing a mug give away currently (it coincides with their 50 year celebration). They’ve been hiding mugs made by their members all across Lansing area shops; posting an image of the mug with clues on facebook and instagram. Coffee shops, pubs, gift stores. We could probably do the same. Doesn’t need to be ‘eggs’ per say :slight_smile: